Welcome to the MN Homestead

Hey there! I’m Miranda, and together with my husband we’re spending our weekends building a homesteading life with the goal of being fairly permanent homesteaders someday.

In spring of 2017, we bought 40 gorgeous acres in northern Minnesota. Old oak and pine forests, young deciduous acres, a giant wildflower meadow, and a small bubbling and burbling river make this my happiest happy place (yes, it even trumps the Boundary Waters!). When we signed the papers and wandered the woods that were ours for the first time, I was so truly filled with joy that I shed tears (if you ask my husband, I sobbed for 8 hours, but he’s a little dramatic when teasing me sometimes).

In our first year, we tore down a farmhouse whose roof had caved into the main floor, and an old barn that was half-way collapsed; we dragged out over 150 car tires as well as several old washing machines and stoves, two car doors, and many other “treasures” the previous owners had scattered and abandoned throughout the woods. We also started the designs for our cabin and planned what we’re going to do with the trailer we’re staying in once it’s built.

To start off our second spring, we brought beekeeping into the mix, which has been wonderful and rewarding, but also nerve-wracking and exhausting. My crazy obsession with foraging has led to multiple gallons of jams and jellies, our salads have been perked up by wild ramps and onions, and my mojitos are much tastier made with homemade simple syrup, homegrown mint, and freshly picked berries. I’m eager to taste my first batch of Chokecherry wine when it’s ready, and am a big Chaga convert.

I’m excited you’ve decided to join us as I build up my skills and knowledge, take on new adventures, and make our land the homestead we’ll be happy at for the rest of our lives.

Welcome to the homestead!

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