Wild ramp pesto tortilla pizza

As you know if you’ve been following our blog or YouTube channel, I am a wild ramp fanatic! Nothing says Spring quite like seeing the tops pop out of the earth.

The first sign of Spring!

After a long winter of veggies only from the store, getting my hands in the dirt to forage my own food is one of the best feelings in the world. Smelling the dirt as it collects under my nails, feeling a grateful connectedness to our earth, and knowing I’ll soon be nourishing my body with the fresh harvest is energizing yet brings me calm and a sense of grounding.

To ensure sustainability for these over-harvested beauties, I almost exclusively take the leaves. Below is a favorite pesto recipe made from the leaves and a couple bulbs.



– two large handfuls wild ramps leaves (chopped, about 2.5 cups)

– 2 wild ramp bulbs

– 1 handful fresh basil leaves (chopped, about .5 cup)

– 1/3 cup toasted pine nuts

– 4 T Parmesan cheese (for pesto, plus extra to sprinkle on pizza)

– 4 oz fresh mozzarella cheese

– 3 tortillas

– 3 cloves garlic

– 1/3 cup or more olive oil


– preheat oven to 425 degrees F

– mince ramp bulbs and garlic

– roughly chop ramp and basil leaves

– combine ramp leaves, basil leaves, pine nuts, ramp bulbs, and garlic in food processor (pulse gently, don’t over-blend!) or crush together with mortar and pestle, until chunky

– add olive oil one tablespoon at a time and mix thoroughly (again, pulse very gently if using a food processor – you don’t want a smooth paste) until consistency is a wet, rough paste

– place tortilla in 8 inch cast iron pan (no oil in the pan – you want it crispy!)

– spread pesto evenly over tortilla

– pinch mozzarella into small bits and sprinkle over pesto

– sprinkle more Parmesan cheese over pizza (if desired)

– bake in oven 8 – 12 minutes, until cheese is slightly bubbling and tortilla edges are crispy

– try to pace yourself, enjoy, and appreciate this delicious gift from the earth rather than gobbling up in two bites (it will be hard!)

I hope you enjoy this tasty recipe as much as my husband and I do!

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