hosting at the homestead

This past weekend was a favorite at the homestead! We were lucky enough to host some good friends and two of their little ones – aged 2 years and 6 months.

We finally had some “warm” weather (low 30s) so we could take the girls out for some adventuring.

We handled the snowshoeing and the girls relaxed in the sled

For Christmas, my MIL bought us a snowman kit, so that was a priority in our agenda.

He was a little wonky, but we loved him anyway!

After our outdoors activities, our friend had THE BEST IDEA OF ALL TIME – s’mores in the wood stove!!! It is seriously genius.

Picture this (since I didn’t get a picture):

– Warm wood stove, door open

– Marshmallow on a stick, turning golden brown over the coals

– Graham cracker and chocolate sitting on top of the stove, getting slightly melted and creamy

Is your mouth watering too? I’m pretty sure I ate at least 7.

I always love the homestead and sharing it with others just makes it even more wonderful. That includes you, dear readers! Thank you for spending time with us each week! Don’t forget to check out all our other adventures by following the link below.

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