goodbye 2019

Is it already that time? Time to say goodbye to another year and hello to the next? As always, I feel like we’re back in January and there’s no way another trip around the sun has been completed, but here we are, readying ourselves for a new decade!

2019 has been an amazing year for us on the homestead.

We built a cabin!

We successfully installed a new queen in our queenless hive and were able to harvest a small amount of honey.

I did some hardcore foraging, canning almost 150 jars of jam and we started selling on Etsy.

We loved life and each other, celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary.

And I loved filming all our excitement for our YouTube channel and posting about it here.

I hope you’ll keep up with our blog, videos, Instagram and more in 2020. We have TONS of fun planned and I’m eager to share our adventures, challenges, and happiness with you.

Happy new year!

Miranda and Jeff ❤️

Check out all the good!

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