deer camp 2019: inaugural year at the homestead

Deer camp had been a tradition in my husband’s family for generations. Each fall on the first week of deer season, the family gathers up north to enjoy time together, great food, relaxation, and hopefully a deer or several.

This year was a very important one for my husband and I; one of the driving forces of our cabin build this year and the vast progress we’ve made was being ready to host our loved ones for this year’s camp.

Key items were of course the wood stove (and humidifying teapot!)…

Finished floors and stairs…

Cozy furniture in the great room (with a black lab who you can’t really see because he kinda matches the chair)…

A finished kitchen (looking nice and messy after a huge Swedish pancake breakfast!)…

As well as a finished loft with futon and spare bedroom.

With hard work every weekend since this spring, we met our goals and the family snuggled in for the weekend!

With our wonderful family, beautiful cabin, gorgeous homestead, TONS of amazing food, and lots of laughs (and naps!) we can 100% consider this a successful inaugural deer camp for the homestead.

Looking forward to many more!

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