it’s becoming real

After many (MANY) months of building our cabin, we are the point where we can start decorating! Every utilitarian part of the cabin is finished, except for the bathroom, which we’ll tackle in the spring when we install our new septic. That means that we’re finally at the point we can make it feel truly like a cabin!

First things first – getting rid of the smell of polyurethane from finishing our hardwood floors. I’ve been using a humidifying teapot on the wood stove with pine needles, cinnamon, and vanilla in it to get that cozy smell. The wood stove aroma adds a lot to that snuggle feel too.

Next step was to finally get some decor on the walls. We started with the 6×6 elk hubby shot about 10 years ago. It’s the perfect attribute for the kitchen portion of our great room.

As you know if you’ve been following us for a while, we’re big Boundary Waters fans, so the cabin wouldn’t be complete without a tribute. This is what we see when we leave our bedroom each day.

I’m sure we’ll have plenty more BWCA representation over time, but this is a good start!

My husband also has a few hoarder tendencies – they manifest in axes, cast iron, and cross cut saws. Balancing the elk antlers in kitchen/ great room on the other side of the wood stove are two 1800s saws. Don’t worry, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more waiting to find a home in our cabin.

And it’s not only crosscut saws – the first piece of decor in the guest bedroom is an old bow saw – welcome to our cabin, get nice and cozy! Don’t worry about the big saw on the wall.

Also referenced above is my husband’s obsession with cast iron. We have only a tiny bit on display, but I LOVE how these look above our 1950s oven! I’m totally in love.

We haven’t gotten started with our Gransfors and Hults Bruks axes yet but we have awesome ideas for those.

We still have lots to do, but it feels so good to be moving out of the construction phase and into feeling like home.

To see all the neat things we do with our cabin and our other homesteading adventures, make sure to follow this blog and our Instagram and also subscribe to our YouTube channel! Links are below.

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