bumbleberry jam recipe (seedless)

Wild raspberry jam is my favorite! Wait, I just had my morning toast with my wild blackberry – that is definitely my favorite! Oh! I just had some blueberry with my pancakes, that’s definitely it!

Hmmmm… with so many delicious jams to be had, how do you choose just one???

The answer, my friends, is that you don’t! Instead, you take your favorite 3 or 4 berries and make them into one splendid bumbleberry jam!

I’m very partial to wild berries; I enjoy the extra depth they provide but also love the hard work I put into harvesting them – tramping through the woods, seeking little patches, gathering the tiny berries that show much less result from a day’s picking but make me very happy!

My favorite wild berries are blackberries and raspberries. Though I don’t love blueberries on their own, they add a great tartness to my jam, so I typically use this trusted triumvirate for my bumbleberry. Thusly, the recipe below calls for those three but feel free to mix it up by adding some strawberries, increasing one of the berries while deceasing another proportionally, etc.! This recipe will make about 10 half pint (8 oz) jars.

Preparing ingredients

– Using berry press, juice wild blueberries to extract 1 cup juice, removing skins

– Using Squeezo, use smallest screen to juice berries and remove seeds to make 2.5 cups of wild blackberry juice/pulp, and 2.5 cups of wild raspberry juice/pulp

*total of 6 cups juice/pulp*

– Measure out 8 Tbsp pectin (I use Ball Real Fruit Classic Pectin)

– Measure out 6 2/3 cups sugar

– If desired, to reduce boil over, set aside .5 tsp butter (optional)

Canning prep

– Prep hot water bath

– Sterilize jars

– Heat lids in hot water for sterilization and flexibility

– Lay out utensils (jar lifter, magnet to remove lids from hot water, funnel, etc.)

Cooking instructions

Heat juice over high heat, bringing to a rolling boil

– While heating, slowly stir in pectin

– While heating but after pectin, stir in butter if using

– Once at rolling boil, add entire measure of sugar and stir to dissolve

– Return to rolling boil and boil hard for 1 minute

– Remove from heat

– Skim foam if needed

Canning process

– Place funnel on top of a sterilized jar

– Ladle jam into jar, leaving 1/4 inch headspace

– Wipe any jam from the top of the jar

– Using magnet, remove lid from hot water and place on jar

– Screw band onto jar until finger tight (do not over tighten)

– Place jars in waterbath for 10 minutes at a high boil (adjust for altitude if needed); ensure jars stay completely upright

– Remove jars from waterbath, keeping completely upright

– Place jars on counter or other surface untouched for at least 24 hours to ensure a seal and that jelly begins to set up properly

– Jars should seal within about half an hour but may take up to 24 hours; press top of lid after 24 hours and if it pops back up, the jar didn’t seal and should be placed in the fridge to be eaten soon

– If jam has properly set after 24 hours, carefully move jam to storage area; if still not set, wait up to a week for full set, them move to storage; if jam doesn’t set, eat over ice cream as a topping!

– Eat, share, and enjoy!

I hope you love my bumbleberry recipe; keep an eye on our blog to find more recipes; I’ll be posting one a week for a few weeks.

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