canning time is finally here!

I am so happy to be getting into my canning groove! It appears that Minnesota is going to skip right from summer to winter, so what better time to be in the kitchen over a hot stove?

If you’re following us on YouTube (link below!) you’ll know that I started canning last week, and now I’m rearranging my schedule to get some more time in! With how long it takes to prep, can, and clean up, it’s not something I can do after work; we also spend our weekends at our homestead working, so no time there.

After some finagling, I’ve managed to find three slots of time to make these magical treats, and they’ve resulted in five jars of wild blackberry jelly (more to come!), 10 jars of wild raspberry jam, and 10 jars of apple sauce.

My wild berry jams have been classic recipes thus far – berries, pectin, and sugar. Pure bliss. My next batches will be twists – chocolate raspberry, vanilla blackberry, and bumbleberry (i usually go for the big four – raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry).

I’m eager to continue my canning season. I’ll post recipes over the next few weeks for you to try at home! Do you have favorite recipes? Please share them in the comments.

L-R: wild blackberry vanilla, wild raspberry, wild blackberry – chocolate wild raspberry on the stove as I write this!

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