happy birthday to me – we have electricity!

For my 33rd birthday, my husband gave me electricity in the cabin! Ok, it wasn’t a birthday present, we just happened to have some “down time” from installing our hardwood floors so he decided to make the final few tweaks to get it up and running.

Hubby and I don’t buy gifts for each other – birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. Its just not our thing. If there’s something we want, we spoil ourselves with it whenever it seems right. But because I’ve been so eager for our electricity, I definitely feel like this was his gift to me.

I was spending my day out chaga hunting and checking out all the wild mushrooms fall brings and didn’t realize he was actually wrapping the electricity up. When I came back in, I was beyond excited to watch him flip all the switches and see the lights come on!

I can’t believe I managed to land this amazing man but I’m sure glad I did! A great 33rd birthday, and happy every day to me being married to this amazing man.

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