Boundary Waters 2019

“Awe” is my word for our trip this year. It was amazing and spectacular in so many ways!

The first way I was awed on this year’s trip was my travel companions. My parents are 64 and 65 years old, my mom with two spinal fusions and my dad with two artificial knees. My dad portaged the canoe and heavy packs like he was 21 again, and my mom made the trip with another “awe” moment (read on!). Beyond my parents, my mother-in-law came for her first time EVER at 55! She portaged with the best of them and brought lots of fun.

Me, hubby, MIL, mom, dad

Another awe-inspiring aspect was the sunsets. I am madly in love with them, and the B-Dub sure came through for me this year (we always have some great ones, but every night was a stunner this year!). Check out my YouTube channel on Wednesdays as I’ll be posting a lot of them as Homestead Moments, but take a gander at a few pics –

An additional “awe” moment was the weather. We pulled into camp day 1 and popped up our tents and tarp immediately as per our usual practice, and we were SO lucky we did! Literally less than a half an hour later we had gale-storm weather! Lightning less than a half mile away, crazy winds, and white caps! It lasted less than an hour and the rest of the trip was beautiful and warm – perfect for lots of swimming!

Perfect for a swim!

There were many more AWEsome moments, but the final one I’ll leave oh with was FOOD! We had two great fish meals thanks to my dad, MIL, and hubby but the crowning jewel was my mom’s full on Thanksgiving dinner on our final night!!! We were far too busy filling our bellies with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and chicken to take a picture but it was truly an experience.

Bass, Walleye, and Northern

I think you can understand why “awe” is my 2019 BWCA word.

I hope you’re inspired to head out on a trip of your own! Check out our YouTube channel ( for some great sunset videos as well as a series on how to successfully prep for your own Boundary Waters adventure! Make sure to follow us on Instagram as well for daily updates on all our fun

Happy trails!

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