wildlife on the homestead

We have a new neighbor/friend on the homestead! I’m not sure, but I think her name is Bessie.

Hi Bessie!

The last few weeks, we’ve woken up to a deer nibbling the trees outside our window. Not every day, but quite frequently. And over the last two weekends, she’s been spending time all around the cabin, including lounging in the dilapidated old shed that my husband just can’t quite part with.

Yesterday morning, I was watching her from across the yard and noticed that between sneaking glances at me, she was also peeking back toward the meadow. Several minutes later, a fawn appeared!

Hello Bessie’s baby!

Any new life is amazing, and I get so excited every time I see a new little one, but I was in for a real treat yesterday – she ran straight to mama and started suckling! The fawn’s tail was wagging with such incredible joy I thought it might pop off. The quality is poor, but I was able to get a quick video with my phone.

It was just too cute for words.

After breakfast, I took off for the woods and some wild berry picking. On my way to one of our largest raspberry patches, I cross along the edge of our meadow. As I came down the path and entered the meadow, a big commotion rose up from the middle – mama wild turkey and six or seven of her poults. Wild turkeys are my FAAAAVORITE up north animal, so I almost died with excitement. They rose up and flew to the far edge, roosting up in the trees.

All in all, a particularly satisfying wildlife weekend. I came across two other fawns and saw mama turkey once more over the weekend, as well as numerous other deer, rabbits, sand hill cranes, hawks, and countless other lovelies.

I’m eagerly awaiting the day when I can spend the majority of my time in the woods and meadows with these lovely creatures. Can’t wait for next weekend!

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