planning the rest of the summer

As we ate dinner in our loft a few nights ago, looking up at our newly completed ceiling, we took some time to think through the rest of the summer and early fall.

Arguably the biggest interior project is done, and looking great!

Though it’s just the middle of July and it feels like we have ages to get things done before the cold, time is limited for us as we only have weekends at the homestead for now.

Order number one is making sure we have our cabin livable for winter, which means finishing the walls, the floor, and getting the wood stove in. Because we may run short on time, we’re likely not going to hook up our plumbing, even though it’s ready, as we don’t want pipes to freeze. With our deep-well hand pump (check out our YouTube channel to learn more) we’ll have access to fresh water all year.

Second order of business is taking care of the orchard. We have fence posts drilled around 3 of four sides, but the rest need to go in and the fence itself needs to go up. We’re putting hog wire on the bottom to keep out little critters, then barbed wire above to keep out the deer.

Our fence posts are about 8 feet above ground

The other main items on the to-do list are cabinets and counters along with our actual stove so we can be organized and cook.

I’m looking forward to a busy, exhausting, but very enjoyable and fulfilling several months down the road ahead.

Stay in touch with us via our Youtube channel (link below) and follow us on Instagram for all our cabin-building and homesteading adventures!

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