how to spend a rainy July 4th (cabin update)

Happy Independence Day! A lovely time to celebrate all we have and all the sacrifices that have been made to obtain it.

In theory, also a great day to spend time relaxing with family. This year, we planned for my parents to come to the homestead for a day relaxing on the lake not far from us, wandering the woods, and enjoying some great barbecue. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans.

Not long after my parents arrived, a huge storm rolled in. After tossing around some ideas for fun (Games? My mom and husband hate them. Go into town? Wanted to spend time with just the family. Go mudding in the rain? My parents didn’t have a change of clothes and had a long drive to their cabin), my parents were kind enough to offer their services as construction workers for the day!

The exterior is just waiting on the porch, siding, and a finished roof!

They’ve given us plenty of help already (on the cabin, planting the orchard, hive inspections, and more) so we were extremely grateful to once again benefit from their work.

Mom and I spent time working on the first floor walls, while dad and Jeff worked on the ceiling. Along with time spent staining, cutting, and hammering, lots of jokes and great stories were thrown about.

Mom’s and my finished project!

After a lovely day working, we’re able to look back on a day of great work but also of great fun. It’s nice to have family you can count on – for a helping hand, for a fun day, and for a lifetime of love.

Thanks Mom and Paps! Happy Independence Day to all!

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