orchard update

Our orchard has been fully planted for about a month now (check out our YouTube video for more! https://youtu.be/wbBzHcKw6BI) and we have some exciting developments already!

We purchased trees that are a few years old in the hopes we’d have fruit fairly soon, and guess what – we already do! Our lovely apple trees (4 out of the 6) have apples and one each of our plum and cherry trees are fruiting too!

Toka Plums and Bali Cherries

Because we want our trees to focus on building out their roots and getting strong and healthy overall, we’ve been plucking the fruit, but I’m thrilled to see that they’re growing successfully so soon!

Honey Crisp, Haralson, and Frost Bite apples

I’m eagerly awaiting further fruit updates and look forward to the future deliciousness we’ll enjoy in the coming years as I spend time making all my favorites – jams, jellies, crisps, and more! I’ll be sure to share all my favorite recipes with you.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel (link below) and follow us on Instagram @the.mn.homestead for orchard updates and other homesteading adventures!


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