river time for Father’s Day

It’s sometimes hard for me to imagine an enjoyable weekend can take place away from the homestead, but weekends like this past one remind me that there actually are other beautiful and peaceful places.

It’s hard to imagine any place more beautiful than this!

Last Friday, hubby and I started our usual journey north toward the homestead, but about two-thirds of the way there we took a jog to the east to celebrate Father’s Day with my parents at their cabin.

They have a beautiful place about an hour east of us. Rather than on a river like us, their cabin is on a lovely, smaller lake, perfect for pontoon rides and dinners on the deck. There are, however, several rivers nearby, perfect for a day in the canoe.

Brother in the stern, dad in the bow

Saturday was an idyllic river day – abundant sun, 70 degrees, a light breeze to deter the bugs, and not another person in sight. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Mom chose her kayak

For a few lazy, peaceful hours we paddled down the river, stopping to point out an eagle, enjoying the bubbles escaping from a muscle buried in the sand, and listening to the sounds of the trees, the birds, and the water.

It’s hard to envision a lovelier day, and definitely not possible to spend it with better people. Happy Father’s Day Paps, and happy (almost) summer all!

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