6 years of marriage

Hubby and I have been married for six years! It’s amazing how our wedding day feels like it was a few weeks ago, and also a few decades ago. Every day with him by my side is wonderful, whether it’s a day of relaxation, an adventure, or a ho-hum work day.

First look!

When we first met close to 8 years ago, we realized we both love to be outside and “up north”. We’d both spent our childhoods in the north woods, running about in nature, being dirty all day, and smelling like a campfire at night. The funny thing, though, was how very different our up north pastimes were.

For him, up north was LOUD. Four wheelers, tractors, big trucks, guns, and the like. His time was filled in mud pits, on shooting ranges on the back forty, and running wheelers through the trails.

Hubby’s Oliver tractor sure can get through anything!

For me, up north was the opposite – peace and tranquility on the lakes of the Boundary Waters, swaying in the top branches of a tree reading a book, and running through the fields pretending I was on the Oregon trail.

A stunning dawn over the lake in the BWCA.

As our relationship progressed, we began to join each other on our childhood adventures. It turns out that (unsurprisingly) hubby is 100% cut out for paddling and portaging through the BWCA. Surprisingly, it turns out I can manage to hit the broad side of a barn with my M&P handgun (ok, I’m a lot better than that, but that sounded good).

Now, 6 years in, we spend our homesteading weekends on the wheeler watering our orchard (check out our YouTube video last week – “orchard checkup – watering time”), running hard through the mud, but also relaxing in the meadow at the end of the day with only the sound of the birds and the wind in the trees.

We’ve found a perfect balance of the noise and the quiet, and we now have a whole new version of up north – our homestead.

Happy anniversary Jeff! I love you.

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