honeybee update – expansion!

Big news, folks! Over the long weekend we added a third box to our hive! This means that our bee population is growing to the point that they need more room.

Top view of one of our boxes when the hive was just starting out last year

In a hive, each big box (called a “deep” due to its size) contains 10 frames which the bees fill with eggs, larvae, brood, pollen, nectar, and honey. As the population grows and they fill more frames, they need more frames to fill.

This frame contains eggs, larvae, capped brood, pollen, and in the lower left, some nectar

In a typical first year hive, a third box will be added, but with everything we went through last year we never got there. And without a third box, the population isn’t strong enough to make surplus honey. With it being just the end of May and a third box, this is an awesome sign that we’ll be able to harvest honey this year!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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