balancing homesteading and corporate life

Being a weekend homesteader has some great benefits (time in nature and at peace, balanced with accessibility to stores to run errands along with being closer to friends and family) but I find it increasingly difficult to be there only on weekends.

Monday through Friday, I’m a Project Manager for a large corporation. I really and truly enjoy my job – I like the strategic aspects, planning for the next big thing, and seeing a tangible impact from my work. I feel fulfilled when I’m able to use my brain to think creatively and identify unique solutions and uncover opportunities. If I wasn’t a weekend homesteader, it would be a job I’d be completely satisfied with.

But, I am a weekend homesteader. My soul is full when I’m outdoors, feeling nature seep into my being, keeping a wonderful balance with it – taking wild berries to feed myself while planting trees and flowers for our native pollinators. I never experience joy when I’m at work, and that is the defining feeling and emotion in my world – my end goal. Joy is the essence of being on the homestead.

This picture of the river we’re on is my background on my work computer – it reminds me of the joy and peace I find there.

It seems that each Sunday night as we’re in the truck heading home, I feel more homesick the farther we drive. And each Monday is more excruciating knowing that I have a whole week to go before I’ll be back. My husband reminds me not to wish my life away, but I truly find it hard to stop yearning for weekends on the homestead.

Our goal is to be at the homestead more permanently and we’re setting ourselves up to retire from our jobs here in the cities earlier than most, but it’s still so far away.

So, each day I’ll remind myself to be in the moment and enjoy the parts of my job that fulfill me mentally, and make the most of every second I have on the homestead.

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