Get more of the mn homestead

All –

I’m excited to share that the mn homestead is now on YouTube!

Last night, I loaded our first video. In it, I share some of our background, the homestead we’re building, and why building this lifestyle brings me such joy.

I’ve pondered starting a YouTube channel several times over the two years we’ve had our land. I’ve always been very concerned with showing my face to the public – not that I dislike myself, it just made me feel weird. If you follow me on Instagram ( you’ll see that I didn’t post a picture of myself until a few weeks ago, though I put pictures of hubby up all the time.

An example of a great hubby pic

As we continued making progress on our cabin, as I foraged for wild ramps and prepared for berries, as we have been dreaming about our next projects, I’ve been revisiting the channel idea. A few people on Instagram have also commented that they’d like to see more of what we’re doing, as have family and friends we don’t see regularly.

So, after years of pondering the idea and a few months of seriously considering it, we’re off and running! As with this blog, I’ll be posting weekly. The content of the video and blog won’t be the same, so you will get fresh ideas, insights, and enjoyment through all the ways you can interact with us.

Please check out our channel, like, and SUBSCRIBE so you’ll stay up to date on all the adventures!

Along with subscribing on YouTube, make sure to follow this blog to get notified of all our new posts as well as follow us on Instagram for our latest and greatest!

Thank you so much for joining us on the homestead. We’re thrilled to have you here!

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