Making time for sunsets and rises

My intention in purchasing a DSLR was using it for wildlife and landscape (nature) photography. With such little free time during the week after work (and dearth of wildlife to photograph)and much time spent on cabin construction on weekends, I’m finding my time for that type of photography quite limited.

Instead, I’m focusing most of my time really learning the camera on sunsets and sunrises. Now that the sun is setting later, I’m finding it easier for me to take some time after cabin work to meander up the dirt road to a large field to capture the view. Some mornings, I can also pop out of bed to see the sunrise (though this is a less frequent occurrence – weekends were designed for sleeping in until at least 7!).

Good morning!

As the Golden Hour approaches each evening, you’ll find me brushing off sawdust, finishing the stain on the last few boards I’ve been working on, and grabbing my camera bag.

It’s not far down the road to where I begin to get some great sunset views and I start clicking away. I enjoy snapping a few photos, adjusting the settings, and taking a few more. I find that adjusting the ISO is one of the biggest factors in capturing the sunset the way my eyes see it.

My other favorite part of capturing sunsets and rises is taking time with each part of it. t first, I always focused on the most vibrant part of the sky, what one typically envisions when thinking of a sunset. Over time, I’ve learned to turn around, away from the brilliance, and appreciate the soft glow and muted colors that paint the rest of the sky.

This view is what I saw when I turned my back on the sun in the picture above.

The difference is stunning and in no way less beautiful.

I’m going to keep making time for sunsets and rises, and I hope you’re able to make some time in your busy days to enjoy them too.

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