Energized and excited!

Energized and excited – that’s how I find myself starting this week off! I can’t believe all we’ve gotten done in the last few days! Seeing the walls go up inside make our cabin (and future home) more real every day.

A few days ago, we had our beautiful knotty pine boards delivered and WOW are they gorgeous! We bounced out of bed the next morning, and as hubby started getting himself all set to put them up, I hauled some boards inside and started staining. We got into a great rhythm – I stained the boards, moved them onto the scaffolding to dry, then he grabbed them and onto the wall they went.

It always amazes me how stain makes wood come alive again. Every grain leaps out, the knots bloom in front of you, and the depth becomes greater and more mellow. As I worked throughout the morning, the rhythm of smoothing the stain onto the board, the beauty of the wood, and the sound of my husband hammering up the boards I’d completed lulled me into a space of calm and contentment.

After being in my happy daze for an hour or so, hubby called me back to the present moment by asking me how things were looking. For the first time, I noticed his progress. Half of a wall of our living area was up! Seeing our walls coming to life was amazing! It’s incredible how half of a wall can make such a vast difference in feeling like you’re in the middle of a construction project to feeling like you’re making your home.

Seeing the wall in the living space made us eager to see how different the rest of the home would look with the walls up, so despite having only half of two walls done, we moved to the bedroom. Our came the circular saw and I moved from the job of stainer to stainer/cutter. Back and forth we went, me staining boards, cutting them to specification, then handing them along to be hammered up. Working in the living space and hallway didn’t allow me a glimpse into the bedroom, so after not too long a time I had to take a peek, and just as with the living area, our construction project moved another step closer to a home!

I am eager to charge ahead with our home and take you along for the ride, so keep following me on Instagram @the.mn.homestead to see our progress!

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