We officially have a second-year hive!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! OUR BEES MADE IT! Our beautiful, lovely, tenacious and resilient honeybees made it over the winter! Despite a survival rate of only about 55% in Minnesota, a straight week of temps down to 30 below F (almost 60 below F with windchill), record snowfalls, and a major lack of sunshine, our first-year hive has become a second-year hive!

All winter, I’ve been checking on our ladies. I’ve been putting my ear to the whole drilled in the hive to listen for the tell-tale hum, I sat around on warmer days to see if someone would peek her head out, and prayed like crazy for them to make it. Practically, knowing everything I mentioned above, I knew the changes of survival were low, and with each check my anxiety grew because with each passing day, my hopes became higher and higher that they’d make it.


Not only did they make it, but they appear to be doing really well! It finally hit 50 on Saturday, so with hope and apprehension, hubby and I opened the hive. My first happy dance moment came right away, when we popped off the outer cover and bee candy we had sitting on the moisture board and saw tons of bees flitting around on top of the frames and eating the candy.

As we pulled the frames out, happy dance #2 came out because not only was there was not only BROOD COMB there were eggs and larvae! Our queen is already fast at work. What a trooper.

We didn’t’ clean the hive out (scraping off the burr comb, sweeping out the dead bees) because it’s still been fairly cold and will be chillier again, so we didn’t want to have them exposed for too long, but I am ecstatic. We put some pollen patties on both boxes and sugar water as well.

That’s all I have for now because I am happy dancing on cloud nine and will be for the foreseeable future.

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4 thoughts on “We officially have a second-year hive!

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time with your bees! It is truly a learning experience, I probably learned the most about bees my third full year. Check us out at Ward Bros. Honey Co.

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      1. That sounds great! I know that your area has some trouble with seasonal queenlessness, it really helps to have a few hives on hand, because then you can just give a queen cell or frame of eggs to a queenless hive from another hive. It doesn’t happen much w/one hive, but when it does, it is a HASSLE!!!!

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      2. We started with two hives last year, then a bear got them both. So we started again with two more hives, then they were both invaded by fire ants and one didn’t make it. DRAMA. So we now only have the one, but next year plan on 2 or 3 total with a goal of 5 someday. How many hives do you have?


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