Welcome home Wulfrick

I have a handsome new man in my life! His name is Wulfrick and he’s a rescue cat. We brought him here to his forever home early last week.

Wulfrick has a sad story, but I’m so happy that it led to him being ours. Let me tell you a little bit about how he came into our lives.

Last fall, one of our two precious strays, Belle, got cancer at only 3 years old. I won’t go into it because it’s still too hard to think about, but in the end we had to put her down. We chose to give our other cat, Spoof, a chance to decide if she wanted to be an only cat. For the last few months, we’d been giving her the same tons of love we always have and letting her decide if she wanted a pal. Several months in, it was clear she did.

Our beautiful Belle
Our cutie Spoof

Of course, this brought us down the adoption path. I searched many of our local shelters online before making the rounds, and one in particular caught my eye, a big guy named Toffee. He’d been in the shelter for two years, a full two thirds of his 3 year old life. How miserable! I knew I had to meet him.

To the shelter I went, and here is where the story is quite bizarre. I explained to the front desk that I was in want of a cat, and one of them took me in the way back to the cat area.

To get there, we went down a long hall which appeared to be used for storage. There were mops and boxes, and some empty cages. As we headed further into the building, I saw that one of the cages was in fact occupied – by Toffee! Though the worker was charging past with no thought to him, I stopped her and explained that I had wanted to meet him. She gave me an apprehensive look, and agreed to open his cage so I could say hello.

I pet him for a few minutes with her hovering behind me, and then he decided it was his moment of freedom! Out of the cage he leapt, bounding down the hall and under a box. Rather than try to grab him, the employee told me she’d let us “get acquainted” and shut me in the hallway with him.

I obviously thought that was odd, but I was set on meeting Toffee, so I wandered over to say hi. He wasn’t having it, hissing and trying to bite me. I thought I knew why the employee scampered when he came hopping out, but I also knew that being in a shelter for two years would likely have a big and probably negative impact on an animal, so I chose to spend some time gaining his trust. 45 minutes later, I’d been allowed to touch his belly. No rubbing allowed, but I considered pets on the head and back and a tummy touch quite an accomplishment. He was clearly scarred by his two years in the shelter, but I knew he didn’t deserve to stay stuck there.

After our bonding session, I knew Toffee needed to be a part of my home, so I paid the adoption fee but continued to be confused about the staff’s attitude toward him – it took two of them a full five minutes to get him in his new carrier and when they came out with him, one said nervously, “he was pretty good!” as she took thick padding off her arms. I don’t know if it is his size (he’s 15 pounds of massive Maine Coon beauty) or if they never got to know him as so his hisses were intimidating, but I am so thankful he came home with me!

We’ve had Wulfrick (his new name) home for almost two weeks now, and there is nothing intimidating or scary about him. He and Spoof aren’t best friends, but they have no issue with one another. He loves face and chin scratches, follows me everywhere, and sleeps on my pillow at night (which leaves no room for my head, but I don’t complain).

I am so sad but so thankful that it took someone two years to see how wonderful he is, and I’m so happy our home is his forever home!

Our handsome Wulfrick

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2 thoughts on “Welcome home Wulfrick

  1. Love your new kitty. We brought a wild one home many years ago – called him the Tasmanian Devil because he fought so hard and was no bigger than an orange. About 30 minutes after being home with us, he was as loving as he could be. Amazing.


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