Minnesnowta magic

Even if you’re not from Minnesota, it’s likely you’ve heard the term Minnesnowta. It perfectly captures one of the things we’re best known for – some others being our two seasons (winter and road construction), our state bird (the mosquito), and our clear superiority of playing duck duck grey duck instead of duck duck goose (you silly out of staters!) – our lovely winters.

Out of staters may argue with my use of the word “lovely”. I’ve been asked why I choose to live in the arctic, what serious ailment of the brain has caused me to enjoy the cold, and am I one of those crazy people who wears shorts when it’s 16 degrees Fahrenheit (the answer to that is no!). With the February we’ve been having, I can see a little more where y’all are coming from, but there’s something you can’t find along the beach in California or or nibbling peaches in Georgia. Nowhere other than here is this glorious and snowy state can you find a true winter wonderland, the kind Christmas carols are written about.

Every time I step out my door and find myself sinking into two (or three, or more) feet of snow with sunlight twinkling off the ice-covered branches of our woods, I catch myself looking for Mr. Tumnus of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Or I’m certain that I’ve caught a glimpse of a delicate fairy wing disappearing behind a snowflake.

When I strap on my snowshoes and grab my Sojourn pack, I’m no longer the person that goes back to work on Monday; instead, I’m a Swedish immigrant in 1892, making my way across the vast unknown to find a home in a new land.

The hubs soaking in the wintertime magic

If you’ve never experienced a true Minnesnowta winter, you can’t ask me if I’m crazy for living here. If you come up to the homestead and take a snowshoe trip with me, you’ll have a hard time leaving, and once (if) you do, you’ll have Minnesnowtan dreams for a very long time.

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One thought on “Minnesnowta magic

  1. Love your blog, my beautiful Miranda. Had no idea you were doing this but have always wondered about your cabin and your progress so this is thrilling. You make it come alive. Minnesota winters are so beautiful, I agree, but I could never get warm enough. Cross country skiing or running came closest. I love you.


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