Honeybee update

I checked on the ladies today! Who knew that I could love an insect? I mean, truly love them, as one would a cat or dog? When my husband first suggested we get bees, I told him he was crazy and nooo way. Now that we have them, I care about them far more than he does.

With such a low winter survival rate here in MN (only ~55% even for seasoned beekeepers) I came into winter with no expectations that our little first-year hive would make it to becoming a second-year hive. With each passing week, however, my hopes get higher despite my attempts to tamper them. Along with my hopes, up creeps my anxiety.

We did all we could last fall to set them up for success – made sure they had a lot of honey stores, but some chew candy in the hive in case they ran out, and followed the recommendations of the highly respected Bee Lab at the University of MN, but I still worry.

Who wouldn’t love this sweet little lady?

Happily, today was a good check. Through the hole we have drilled in the front, I saw the ladies dashing about to get honey for their queen. I’m trying to control both my hopes and my anxiety. You can do it ladies!

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