Entering the DSLR world

For Christmas this year, I bought myself a Canon EOS Rebel T7i. I’ve been having tons of fun with my iPhone X and Moment lenses (seriously, so awesome!) but decided to take it up a notch to official for-fun amateur photog status by getting a “real” camera. I am having such a blast!

I have found myself enormously grateful for YouTube as I’ve started this journey. Many hours have been spent learning how to best use my specific camera as well as refreshing my memory from my one high school photography class on ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and all the rest.

Wanting to feel somewhat in control of my camera, I’ve been using AV mode, which is Aperture Priority (this is where I start throwing in fancy and tech sounding terms so it appears that I totally know when I’m doing).

The thing I’ve found most rewarding so far is having the ability to make sunsets look more like they do in real life.

In the past, pinks turned too red, oranges were too yellow, and blues were never quite right. Now, I’m better able to adjust my settings so my pictures look much closer to what my eyes see.

I have a long way to go to have any real grasp of photography, but I’m sure having fun. I don’t ever plan on trying to do this as a profession so I’m just going to keep twiddling the dials and switching up the settings to make the world around me come to life in my photos.

Enjoy my sunsets and homesteading adventures by following me on Instagram @the_mn_homestead

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