Ending 2018 at the top of the world

Our cabin is my heaven: the place where my heart is happiest and full of joy. But my parents also have a lovely cabin in Wisconsin that we love to visit. Last weekend, after a deep and full snowstorm, we headed their way.

Friday was a wonderful evening – brats over a campfire, puzzle making, and quality family time in front of a blazing fireplace. Throughout it all, my dad was talking about the next day, when he wanted to take us to the decommissioned fire tower. In 2015, the last of the WI towers were abandoned, and one happens to be somewhat close to them.

Saturday morning found us up and making Swedish pancakes (my all time favorite breakfast!) and heading into the winter wonderland all around us. After a short-ish drive, we pulled into a ranger’s station.

Bundled to the max in our warmest clothes, we set off through the single-digit temperatures for the tower. As I followed my dad, mom, and hubby down the path through the woods, all was quiet as they broke the trail through branches heavy with snow. The walk itself would have been glorious enough to make my day! Below is a picture of how beautiful the woods were as I followed them to the tower.

Luckily, I’m not terrified of heights. Even so, as I climbed each staircase to the next level, I was a bit nervous as I reached closer and closer to the 100 foot top.

I stopped at almost every landing, and sometimes in a staircase, to gasp, oooh, and ahh over the beauty, and snap some pictures. But nothing could compare to seeing the snow-capped forest from the top of the world. Breathtaking. Awe inspiring. Serene. So many more words to use. As I stood there, far above the trees, seeing the vast land all around me, with the snow gently falling down, I said goodbye to 2018 at its most beautiful.

Happy new year to all!

On top of the world – sound on!

My view on the way to the tower.

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