A winter hike and warm toes

For many years as I ran about in corporate life, rushing from my car to work in the cold, snow, and blustery winds, I forgot how wonderful winter is. When we purchased our land, the joy and beauty of a winter day came rushing back.

Earlier this week, my husband and I decided to take a hike to enjoy the peace and tranquility…

The river, tumbling along beneath the ice, the delicate sound of it gurgling over the rocks, prettier than the most soothing of music.

The barred owls, gearing up for mating season in a few months, called back and forth, bringing my eyes up amongst the tall tree tops seeking a peek.

The gobbling of a flock of wild turkeys making my heart pound – I love wild turkeys so much I stop breathing when I hear them, longing for them to come my way.

Any my toes, growing steadily colder the further we wandered and the more time I stood still listening to the wilderness. Not wanting to head home, we had a great idea – a little fire out in the snow! We gathered some small sticks and twigs as well as leaves still clinging to their dormant trees for a starter. A few minutes later, we had a jolly little fire. My toes were very grateful!

Sitting there, hearing the woods, the wild, and the crackle of our fire brought me true joy and peace. It was a day I can’t wait to repeat.

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