Jam and jelly are my favorite Christmas gifts

My most favoritist favorite thing about summer (other than the Boundary Waters!!) is foraging for berries. I take Fridays off work for most of June and July, heading to the homestead on Thursday night so I can spent Friday in the woods.

We have wild blueberries, raspberries, and chokecherries galore as well as some wild strawberries, blackberries, and an assortment of others. This past summer, I loaded my Frost River rolldown satchel that I use as a foraging bag with over four gallons of chokecherries, six of raspberries, and over three of blueberries. I also spent some quality time at our local organic berry patch loading up on several pounds of strawberries.

What does all of that mean for late fall and early winter? Jam and jelly making!

I’ve spent the last several days jamming out (I’m so witty!) in the kitchen churning out pint after half-pint after teaser (4 oz) of jelly in preparation for Christmas.

A successful day!

My favorite treats to make this year were wild raspberry, wild blueberry, wild chokecherry, dark chocolate wild raspberry (heaven on earth!), and bumbleberry (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry).

I’ll write a post sometime about the whole experience (including always using my great-great grandmother’s pot and my husband’s great-grandmother’s funnel) but the star of the day today is getting everything all buttoned up and under the tree!

Spoof guarding the treats (or preparing to knock over the tree)

Hope you’re all have a marvelous time preparing for the holidays and are looking forward to some wonderful times with family and friends.

Happy holidays and joy to you!

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