What’s a short basement?

Woo hoo! In my post I explained how eager I was for the next phase in our cabin project, and here it is (apparently a “phase” is a pretty minor step in my book) – our short basement now has walls!

So, what’s a short basement, and why did we choose it?

When in our cabin planning mode, we talked through several options; full basement, slab-on-grade, and short basement. Our thought process went like this:

A full basement is a lot of extra space, a fair amount more expensive, and not something we had a real need for. Easy to scratch that one off the list.

Slab-on-grade has a few great perks – cheaper, faster to construct, prevents mold, less room for wriggly-squiggly spider and other inspects and pests. When hubby first explained how much faster we’d get moving on the rest, I was totally sold. Until he explained the following cons… plumbing is significantly less accessible, meaning that of something broke someday we may have to jackhammer up part of the floor to fix it (no, thank you); it can also crack with shifting soil or tree roots, and repairs are more expensive. Doubt tempered my initial YES.

We then discussed a short basement, which is also often called a crawl space (as we decided on one 5-ft high, the term short basement seems more appropriate as I can stand up straight between the beams). The cons are pretty straight-forward; longer to construct and more expensive. I really liked the pros though. Plumbing etc. is much more accessible (no tearing up the floor!), the space can be used for storage (root cellar, anyone?), and it is much more easily accessed.

I’m very happy we decided on a shirt basement. I’m excited to use some of the space to put up my preserves and it will also be useful for off-season items.

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