BWCA 2018

It’s the same every year… months of planning, anticipation, and excitement, followed by joyful seclusion, peace, and adventure, topped off with… the blahs. Coming home after an incredible trip to the BWCA is always a bummer.

I’ve been to the Boundary Waters most years since I first went at the age of six, sometimes twice a year. And every time, the cycle repeats. The days, week, or weeks (3 was my longest trip – I am a Widgi girl!!!) go by SO fast! A 360 rod portage seems like its taking forever when you’re in the middle of it (especially single-tripping – whew!) but the whole trip is pretty much a snap of the fingers.

Pro tip: never go to the BWCA without your Isle Royale Frost River pack!

This year is the first time hubby and I have enjoyed the BW by ourselves. He’s been with my parents and me three times now but we wanted to go it alone this year. We’ve essentially bought out REI, Midwestern Mountaineering, and Frost River our over the years, but another few trips got us set with everything we needed (and didn’t need, but hey, what better way to spend money needlessly than on your 7th – literally – Gransfors Bruks axe?).

With it being just the two of us, we decided to head in hard with the 360 rod portage into Crab. It was exhausting, but we made it through single-tripping! The plan was to head to Boulder Lake as it is said to be a little-visited but very beautiful lake. Unfortunately, we ran into another couple with the same idea while trekking down an overgrown portage toward Boulder, and chose to head to Battle instead.

Battle turned out to be a great lake. It seemed that one out of three casts brought in a new fish – we had three Northern, three Bass, and two Walleye on the line within a half an hour. We enjoyed a tasty dinner of a walleye and a bass our first night.

Dinner time!

With rain most of our second day, we stayed hunkered down rather than pushing on, and as we packed up on the following day, the people that had been occupying Boulder passed by, so we backtracked a bit to stay a night.

It was beautiful as promised, but we decided it was time to move on the following morning as we’d been a bit stagnant over the past few days.

The next several flew by, with lots of paddling, relaxation, prayers to see moose (only prints unfortunately), and much laughter and beauty.

There’s no better sunset than a BW sunset

We spent our final night back on Crab and our trip was topped off by a glorious goodby sunset.

I’m ready to plan 2019!

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